Social Media


Create Awesome Landing Pages

Does the styling of your landing page really matter? If you answered no. I'll ask one more question. Do your leads matter? The answer is YES if you want a sustainable business. Landing pages are more important than you think. And if you'd ask me to properly layout a...

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Boosting Blog Performance

What do search engines use when they go fishing? Linkbait, ha. And no, I'm not savvy enough to come up with such a great joke myself, but it's nice to find humor in one of the most intimidating and impactful web topics. When I first began learning about SEO (search...

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5 Benefits to a Personal Social Media Detox

Social media is everywhere.  People can be so consumed with their devices that it is hard to keep their attention for more than 5 minutes. Don't get me wrong, being on social media has many positive outcomes like fitting in different communities, gaining...

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