Web Design


User Experience Guide in 2022

What is User Experience? User experience is about creating a great experience for the users of your website. So, the focus is less about making it look aesthetically pleasing and more about making it easy and intuitive to use. Although you still want to be creative...

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Google Search Console in 2022

When it comes to Google rankings and SEO, things can get a little overwhelming. For me, overwhelming is an understatement. I have used multiple tools across the web and when I learned that there are 200+, how was I to choose a reliable tool I could work with? Luckily,...

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Create Awesome Landing Pages

Does the styling of your landing page really matter? If you answered no. I'll ask one more question. Do your leads matter? The answer is YES if you want a sustainable business. Landing pages are more important than you think. And if you'd ask me to properly layout a...

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