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The impact of what’s “trending in design”…

Good designers are always looking for ways to implement trends in their work. This is true whether they are a painter, photographer, architect, graphic artist, or shoe designer. Successfully using a design trend in your specific field can positively impact your brand and identity.

Keeping up to date with the latest and greatest, you will find new perspectives on what keeps your audiences attention. And most importantly, you will not fall into a design limbo, watching others move with the times while you try to force “old and tired” designs onto new projects.

Trends are all around us, especially in the world of the web! We are trying to work smarter and not harder, leading to an amplitude of posts that relate to shortcuts and easy ways to achieve this and that. With web design and all its counterparts, you have a short amount of time to make a big impact on your audience. It is imperative to stay current and fresh and design with meaning and integrity because if you won’t, you better believe that someone else will and they are going to stand out and become the artist you could’ve been if you put more thought behind your work!

The beauty of a great trend…

All designers have the same goal. We have a message to share. A passion to explore. A feeling to meaningfully impose. And a trend to make our own. It is easy to fall for “what’s hot” and not even realize that what was hot isn’t so hot anymore. The pace of design is ever-changing and growing, but that is the beauty of it. The way a web designer approaches a design while trying to implement popular trends differs from a graphic designer or even an app designer, yet together there is perfect harmony when done well.

A web designer must be capable of designing for multiple viewpoints making sure readability is intact, whilst still creating a site that is aesthetically pleasing and fresh. Being able to observe a popular trend and implement it into your work can be quite a daunting task. How do you take inspiration without directly copying what you see a company doing? You interpret your message by giving your design individuality and artistic expression. If you walk the line too close to copying, you will definitely get called out on it, no matter the size of your company, if you’re a freelancer, or just posting content without giving proper “props.”

Achieve success with trends…

Trends play a big roll in our lives whether we want them to or not. Take a large company for example. If a fortune 500 company has a successful design layout, logo, website, and overall brand, other companies are going to “take inspiration” from what they did or didn’t do and restructure their identity to fit the latest trend that consumers are eating up. But what constitutes a trend and when does it become so? A trend is what’s extremely popular at any point in time. Trends happen in a fierce and dominating way and many times die out not long after. But there are trends that have a lasting effect on particular communities, and those are the trends that have the most impact and bring artists of any level a lot of success.

Successful web trends are crucial to giving your site longevity. Flat design, for example, is a popular trend that spread rapidly, it demonstrated 2D digital artwork, clean and breathable space, and bright colors. Because flat design is fast loading it is easier for your audience to have a greater experience on mobile and desktop, making this trend a standard for the web. A trend that we will all see happening more in 2019 will be broken grids and asymmetrical design layouts. Not only does asymmetrical design create a more interesting hierarchy, but it also helps designers reach a level of creativity and artistic freedom! Top trends that are more likely to draw your audience’s attention will include organic shapes, white space, and simple easy to follow layouts and illustrations that help tell the story of your brand.

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I’ll leave you with this…

Be aware of your community and surroundings and take risks. If you see a trend that you absolutely love then go for it. Understand that just because a design is popular and trending doesn’t mean that it will be a winner and achieve the same success that you’ve seen in other companies and individuals. But you will never know unless you go for it!

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” -Neville Brody